fiera vinitaly


From 14th to 17th April 2024 we are in Verona for Vinitaly, the largest wine exhibition in the world.

We will be present with the stand fitting of Regione Emilia Romagna at Hall 1, besides many other stand.

Click here to see the Regione Emilia Romagna stand of last years, and here for the stand of our client Medici Ermete.

Vinitaly, the renowned wine fair held annually in the enchanting city of Verona, stands as a beacon in the global wine industry. This extraordinary event serves as a grand showcase for the richness of Italian winemaking, attracting enthusiasts, professionals, and producers from around the world.

The sprawling exhibition halls of Vinitaly host a diverse array of wineries, ranging from small family estates to internationally acclaimed labels. Each pavilion becomes a journey through Italy’s wine regions, offering visitors the chance to sample an extensive range of wines, explore new vintages, and immerse themselves in the local oenological traditions.

Beyond the tastings, Vinitaly provides a unique platform for networking and knowledge exchange. Experts in the field, sommeliers, journalists, and passionate wine lovers converge to participate in side events, seminars, and conferences covering a variety of themes, from sustainable production to emerging market trends.

Vinitaly is not just an exploration of wines; it’s an opportunity to address the challenges and opportunities within the industry. The fair hosts discussions on crucial issues such as environmental sustainability, technological innovation, and marketing strategies. These conversations contribute to shaping the future of both the Italian and global wine industries.

More than a commercial fair, Vinitaly is a genuine celebration of wine culture. Its lively and passionate atmosphere captures the essence of Italian winemaking, promoting the diversity and excellence of the country’s wines. With its international resonance, Vinitaly remains an essential reference point for anyone who loves the world of wine and seeks to explore its multifaceted dimensions.

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