fiera macfrut


From 8th to 10th May 2024 we are in Rimini for Macfrut, point of reference at national and intenational level for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Macfrut stands as one of the foremost and impactful events in the international fresh produce sector. Annually hosted in Rimini, Italy, this fair serves as a pivotal gathering point for professionals, producers, exporters, and stakeholders across the entire fruit and vegetable supply chain.

Renowned for its vastness and diversity, Macfrut provides a comprehensive overview of the latest innovations and trends in the world of fresh produce. Boasting over 1,000 exhibitors from around the globe, the fair creates a stimulating and international environment where agricultural enterprises, machinery manufacturers, technicians, and experts converge to share knowledge, establish partnerships, and explore new business opportunities.

A centerpiece of Macfrut is its displays of fresh products, showcasing a wide array of fruits, vegetables, and greens from various regions and countries. Tastings allow visitors to savor the quality of the products and appreciate the variety available in the market.

In addition to the exhibits, Macfrut organizes a range of side events, conferences, and seminars covering a diverse spectrum of topics, from sustainability and technological innovation to the management and commercialization of fruit and vegetable products. These gatherings provide a unique opportunity to learn from the industry’s best minds and stay updated on the latest market dynamics.

Macfrut acts as a catalyst for international connections, promoting the development and growth of the fruit and vegetable sector. Its established reputation makes it an unmissable appointment for anyone involved in the production, marketing, or distribution of fresh produce, creating a vital bridge between the various parties involved in the supply chain.

By fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and showcasing the richness of the global fresh produce industry, Macfrut contributes significantly to the advancement and sustainability of this crucial sector. The fair continues to be a beacon for innovation and a driving force behind the evolution of the fresh produce market worldwide.

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While waiting for our stands of this Macfrut 2024 edition, here are some photos of the stands from past years: